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Reimagining a healthier Chicago, one data point at a time

In 2016, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) launched Healthy Chicago 2.0, a campaign focused on ensuring that all residents enjoy equal access to resources and opportunities that maximize their health and well-being. Among its many initiatives, CDPH needed to present complex data about the health equity of Chicago residents to the public in an engaging way, as well as deliver modular language-agnostic wayfinding communications. We developed a comprehensive identity and design system that put humanity first, making health not only an important priority, but an accessible one.

Chicago Department of Public Health


Design systems
Marketing collateral

Healthy living, healthy communities
The Healthy Chicago 2.0 design system captures a vibrant city in all its friendly glory. Logo badges provide definitive stamps of support. Versatile iconography symbolizes a partnership between local businesses and research facilities committed to more robust communities.

Driven by data
Published data is never easy to read—unless it’s designed with plenty of color, white space and hierarchy to invite you in.

“The creative team was helpful in leading members of our staff who were newer to marketing through the process. They were also very thorough, visiting all of our locations and collaborating with our partners and vendors to make sure the deliverables were not only eye-catching but accessible and strategic.”

Brian Richardson, Deputy Commissioner, CDPH

Getting from point A to B
The City of Chicago’s community health clinics provide comprehensive primary and preventative care to underserved populations. But many of the clinic buildings, which haven’t been renovated since the 70s, are complex mazes inside. We designed a signage, information and wayfinding system that makes navigation intuitive, no matter what your native language or decision point.

Internal communications
The road to recognition
CDPH was proud to have become the first large city health department to be accredited, and they wanted everyone to be part of a smooth reaccreditation process. Maps with stickers to represent milestone accomplishments help empower employees to be part of the journey.