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Bringing clarity and focus to a boutique brand

In 2015, Denver-based Forum Real Estate Group was poised for significant growth. It had already invested $1.8 billion in the market and established a solid reputation for delivering gorgeously appointed properties. Yet the company had zero brand guidelines to take it to the next level. We defined a new positioning—We miss nothing to give you everything—to serve as the North Star for all communications. Then we built out a complete brand platform and marketing materials that were all about staying ahead of what’s next.

Forum Real Estate Group

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Research and stakeholder interviews
Brand blueprint + narrative
Design systems
Content strategy
Website copy
Marketing collateral
Employee engagement

Brand book
Properties with personality
In a crowded marketplace, differentiating a national apartment brand was key. It wasn’t enough to talk about Local’s presence in prime neighborhoods. It needed an emotive story—one that captured the unique experience of living in a Laramar property. Local’s Brand Positioning, “Connected to character,” celebrates the deliberate choice of living in a smaller, more authentic property—as opposed to a cookie-cutter high-rise building—to feel more in sync with your surroundings. The new Local by Laramar Brand Book uses this theme as an anchor to ground the narrative.

“It’s exciting when you find a team who can take the passion and vision you have for your company and turn it into something that your investors and employees celebrate. That’s what the team at Bigmouth has done. They’re invaluable partners who lend a keen eye and a wealth of talent to any organization looking to differentiate itself.”

Darren Fisk, Founder & CEO, Forum Real Estate Group

Marketing collateral
Humanizing the message
The Forum Corporate Overview delivers high-level investor and business information in a strategic yet easily digestible way, clearly spotlighting the ways Forum differentiates itself in an often generic and verbose marketplace.

Streamlining the system
Forum empowers its partners with diverse ways to invest by buying right, managing risk and creating value at the asset level. A simple yet eye-catching design system highlights Forum’s four distinctive portfolio collections, each of which targets specific markets, opportunities and growth potential.

Getting real about real estate
The Forum website balances aspirational content with important investor information to showcase the company’s value proposition, depth of experience and unique approach to real estate investing.