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An apartment brand that celebrates sense of place

Tempe, Arizona is a lively college town filled with rich local heritage and a vibrant food scene. So it’s no surprise that apartment real estate developers were flocking here in 2015. Yet among all the shiny new faceless glass buildings and facades, Forum Real Estate Group wanted to create a different kind of experience for Mature Millennials—one that was true to the city and surrounding neighborhoods of Tempe. From naming and identity to positioning and programming, we created an apartment brand as authentic as it was unique to stand out in a sea of rental sameness.

Forum Real Estate Group

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Research and stakeholder interviews
Brand blueprint + narrative
Website copy
Integrated campaign

Research + strategy
Timeless trumps trendy
During our site visit to Tempe, we interviewed local community members and residents to get a better feel for the city spirit. The surrounding Maple Ash neighborhood, with its historic character, was an inspiration for our insights. We learned that Millennial residents were craving authentic cultural experiences—unique gathering spaces and even pop-up opportunities. To appeal to our target audience, we knew we had to bring heart and soul to this brand rather than just add more noise to the faceless developments in Tempe.

Naming + identity
Community spirit. Native soul.
The name “Local” is a natural extension of a brand that celebrates everything inspiring about the neighborhood: local flavors, vibrant music and eclectic discoveries. Like a friend you can count on, the logo is a direct reflection of community—solid and real, with a touch of vintage soul.
Brand book
A neighborhood anchor with a local story to tell
Community character activates The Local Brand Book. This is a home that’s a symbol for going where the locals go. A craft whiskey bar you’ve never heard of. The art that isn’t in the guidebooks. Residents value meaningful connections rather than what’s cool or current. It’s a shared sense of place where people come together to welcome colorful conversations and new experiences.

“Bigmouth dug in and did their research to understand the unique views and nuances of the people of Tempe to craft The Local. They delivered a vibrant brand with a distinctively sophisticated, creatively gritty vibe that has us beating our expected lease-up pace.”

Teresa Hanson, VP Brand Strategy, Forum Real Estate Group

Habitat as hero
Marketing tactics focus on rediscovering authentic Tempe and riffing on popular idioms about eating, drinking and music.
Welcome kit
Move-in ready comforts
A new resident welcome kit says “local” loud and proud, complete with move-in music by local artists.
Programming + amenities
A curated living experience
In shaping the brand, we helped influence Local programming and amenities through six key themes.
  • Native soul: A mix of heritage and modern, including a nod to the 90s music scene, outsider art and multi-use spaces for artists
  • Warm welcomes: Sophisticated, cozy and effortless touches with accents that evoke instant familiarity, deepen visual interest and encourage playfulness
  • Distinctive discoveries: Fresh twists around familiar turns and experiences that deepen curiosity and delight in everyday moments
  • Community connections: Friendly, communal areas and programs anchor the space and promote interaction and diverse perspectives
  • Smart conveniences: Technology that makes life easier and more intuitive
  • Organic flow: Natural elements and fluid lines provide inspiration and movement