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Celebrating 175 years of medical history​

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MyWhy Agency
When The American Medical Association was coming up on their 175th anniversary, they knew they had a lot to celebrate. But they also knew that a lot can be learned from the past, and not every decision made over their 175-year history was the right one. They wanted to partner with diverse agencies that could help tell all sides of their story – from the life-saving recommendations they’ve made, to the doctors they’ve supported, to the missteps they may have made. We were proud to help share such an honest story, and to showcase the tremendous impact the AMA has made on medicine and public health.


American Medical Association




  • Research and stakeholder interviews
  • Brand blueprint + narrative
  • Brand workshop
  • Identity
  • Design systems
  • Social media
  • Environmental graphics
  • Signage + wayfinding
  • PR
Taking lessons from the past to solve the challenges of today
While the purpose of this campaign was to celebrate 175 years of history, it became clear that this was really a celebration of progress. As the campaign took shape, we focused on the idea that the most important moment in medical history is now. The AMA has always made it their mission to solve the most pressing medical challenges of the day, and they have learned from the moments when they may have had an opportunity to do more. The campaign became a powerful celebration of all of these moments.
Showing history through a modern lens
To design a campaign that felt both old and new, we pushed the AMA’s master brand to a place that was able to accept historical photos alongside contemporary ones. We used duotones to carry the weight of this textural “backdrop” of history and married that with a sharper use of typography and candid photos of doctors and members.
Designing a logo to live alongside their brand mark
The anniversary celebration deserved a logo of its own that carried weight, but it was important not to detract from the AMA’s main mark. After many options and iterations, we landed on two versions of a logo that match the existing AMA mark with custom numeric typography – a perfectly balanced way to showcase the brand and the campaign.
Putting important moments in medicine on display
To showcase the many significant moments in the AMA’s history, we created a timeline graphic that was installed in the American Medical Association’s Chicago office. Not only was this large-scale installation a powerful way to display pivotal moments, it was an interactive way to educate, engage and excite employees – creating a connection between the history of the organization and the mission of its employees today.
Welcoming employees back to the AMA office
AMA employees had been working remotely over the course of the pandemic, and they were coming back to the office in waves right before the 175th anniversary. To welcome employees back to the office, introduce them to the anniversary celebration, and encourage them to explore the many spaces the office has to offer, we created wayfinding graphics of all kinds – pull up banners, glass clings, elevator graphics, step and repeats, and more.
Standing out on social media
The AMA has a very active social presence, so it was important that social posts we created for the 175th celebration could stand out. To do this, we designed a fact-based countdown to the anniversary, using significant moments in history to count down from 5 days out. The countdown was an effective way to showcase AMA’s accomplishments while creating interest in the anniversary itself.