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Repositioning real estate and inspiring employees​

On the eve of its 30th anniversary, Laramar Group, a national real estate investment and property management corporation with a multi-billion-dollar portfolio, was ripe for a rebrand. The company had undergone significant changes in leadership and was looking for a way to celebrate a more unified brand story and drive employee engagement. We gave them a comprehensive, purpose-driven brand platform that sets Laramar apart and creates a new sense of passion and pride in employees.


Laramar Group


Real Estate


Research and stakeholder interviews
Brand workshop
Brand blueprint + narrative
Brand Identity
Integrated campaign
Employee engagement

Real. Estate.
We collaborated with Laramar in the Discovery and Strategy process every step of the way, workshopping key elements of the brand together and surveying team members to better understand the company’s challenges and opportunities. We learned that Laramar as a culture was as much head as heart. They had a great track record as disciplined, honest and shrewd investors. But they were also passionate, collaborative, humble and fun.
Opportunity is ours.
The Laramar Brand Book owns the theme of “seeing things differently”—of looking beyond face value to make the most of every square foot of opportunity. The new brand values are a reflection of both the company’s unique humanity and personality, as well as its constant drive to adapt, pivot, take risks and innovate. The new Laramar Mission, “Elevate everyday living,” is succinct but inspiring enough for employees to get behind.
Ready for a refresh.
The Laramar logo got a long-overdue update to stay current and differentiate while still maintaining its brand equity, as well as better integrate the mark with typography.
See it different.
To bring the Laramar brand story to life, Bigmouth developed several key creative concepts to jumpstart both a winning internal culture and get the word out about the new brand in the marketplace.