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Connecting Chicago families with the support they need to live happy, healthy lives

The Chicago Department of Public Health has always had an abundance of helpful health resources for Chicago parents, teens and families. What they didn’t have was a single location to keep all of this information so Chicagoans, particularly those in underserved communities, could find answers to their health-related questions and easily get the help they need. CDPH had also identified another way to improve the health of all Chicago families – equipping new parents with the tools, guidance and support they need to confidently care for their babies and themselves. Bigmouth was tasked with helping on all aspects – creating a new umbrella brand to house all of these resources, developing new tools for new parents, and ensuring all of these resources could reach as many Chicago families as possible.


Chicago Department of Public Health




Research and stakeholder interviews
Brand workshop
Design systems
Content strategy
User experience
Social media
Integrated campaign

One resource for every family
The first step in developing a resource that could be the home of all of this information was to create a new name and logo. The name had a few non-negotiables: it needed to live within the CDPH brand and fit alongside the other programs CDPH runs, it needed to clearly communicate that it served Chicagoans, and it needed to be inclusive of families of all kinds. Similarly, the logo needed to feel at home with other CDPH brands and work within the new city brand.
We landed on OneChiFam and paired it with a warm, welcoming logo featuring the city colors — a symbol that every Chicago family belongs to the family of Chicago.



Understanding our audiences
As we set out to organize existing content and create new materials, we needed to make sure we understood who we were creating the content for. With the help of over 20 doctors, we outlined our target audiences, determined what they need from CDPH health resources, and defined exactly how we would meet those needs.
Primary Audience
Secondary Audience
Helping new parents thrive
One of the largest pieces of this project was designing a baby booklet that would be distributed to new parents in Chicago hospitals. The goal was to create a resource that made bringing a baby home a little less overwhelming – ultimately leading to healthier babies and parents.
To do this, we organized, edited, and designed content provided by a consulting group of Chicago doctors to be as clear and approachable as possible. We focused on using language that could meet the average literacy level of our audience and chose a warm design featuring friendly infographics and photography that would appeal to all audiences. Every choice we made, from the weight of the paper, to the way we titled the chapters, to the icons we designed, was intended to be as useful, helpful, and intuitive as possible, because new parents need answers to their questions quickly and clearly.
Equipping families with the essentials
To accompany the baby booklet, we were tasked with concepting and creating a welcome baby kit – something that could hold an assortment of essentials like diapers and wipes that hospitals would give to new parents. Function was our priority. New parents go home from the hospital with a lot of stuff, we wanted to create something that could help them transport all of that stuff, and something they could use again in the future. We landed on a blue tote, designed to feature the new OneChiFam branding but simple enough that parents would feel comfortable using it as a daily bag for the grocery store, doctors’ appointments, and more.
A website to serve Chicago
With a new brand in place and new materials created for the welcome baby booklet, it was time to design the OneChiFam website. We focused on creating the best user experience as possible. This was a place Chicago families would go for critical health information – we needed to make sure that information was easy to access.
After identifying the appropriate structure and UX strategy, we infused the content on the site with the clarity and warmth we applied to the baby book, and designed a look and feel to match.
Creating content of all kinds
To make the OneChiFam website an even more effective tool, we created a series of videos that could be used as additional ways to share helpful information with Chicago families and promote the new site. These videos will live on the OneChiFam website, and can be used across social media channels to reach even more people.
New launch materials
To promote the launch of OneChiFam and to create new ways for the website content to reach CDPH audiences, we created a series of social media posts that feature the resource’s new content and new look and feel.