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Revitalizing underserved communities with the power of architecture

Wight & Company, a pioneer of integrated design and delivery in architecture, planning, engineering and construction, was looking for a way to honor its landmark project to design and build a new 960-student charter high school in Chicago’s Gage Park neighborhood. The client: United Neighborhood Organization (UNO), a recognized leader in developing schools that meet the unique needs of overcrowded, inner-city communities. With 13 charter schools at the time in the UNO network, UNO was on a mission to create a national model for education that builds, improves and empowers communities.

We delivered a book that celebrates the unique approach and award-winning design of the new UNO high school, as well as the extensive collaboration between UNO and Wight, establishing the project as an important landmark for progressive urban education in Chicago’s underserved communities. Told through engaging headlines, candid interviews, and graphic, bold design, the book is a story about joining forces to use the power of architecture to transform education and revitalize communities.

UNO Schools + Wight & Company


Research and stakeholder interviews

“Bigmouth proved to be an integral part of our extraordinary design team—they sucked us in, kept it fun and commanded the process while offering space for great ideas to happen. To say they drive positive outcomes is an understatement. They get it. And they don’t stop.”

Michael Lubbers, VP Creative Director, Wight & Co.